Tips For Improving The Sound Quality In Your Car And Making It Better

Sound in your car is something that can make your time better and even give you hope. Factory sound system cannot satisfy need of most people, so they are usually replaced.

In any case, if you want the best sound quality, you should follow these steps. Keep in mind that all of them are equally important, so following just one or two won’t help you. On the other side, if you follow all of them, the sound quality will be at the ultimate level.

How to install coaxial car speakers

  1. Get new speakers

This is the first and the most important step and tip you can follow. Factory speakers are cheap and the sound they make is bad, so there is no solution that involves them and a great sound quality.

There are a lot of aftermarket speakers that offer great sound, but they are not very expensive.

Keep in mind that component speakers are a much better choice, but they are more expensive than coaxial speakers. Coaxial speakers are the best choice if you don’t want the extreme sound quality.

  1. Use proper music files

Even if you have the best sound system on the planet, but you use ‘’bad’’ music files, the sound quality will be poor. This is related to compression levels. The higher a level is, the music file will be smaller, but the sound will be worse.

On the other side, music files without a compression are the best choice. Keep in mind that those files should be used, despite the fact they use more space on a CD, DVD or USB.

  1. Don’t use factory converter

DAC or digital to analog converter is a great device that usually does a great job. However, if you want the best sound quality, it should be bypassed. Use a smartphone or an iPod, and connect it to your music stereo.

By doing this, the sound will be more powerful and stronger. This is a simple tip that means a lot and the quality will be better.

  1. Start using Dynamat

This is a simple addition that has a positive effect on the sound quality. In general, it will reduce the noise and vibrations that have negative effects to the sound. Simply said this addition should be added to the interior of your car.

For example, all cars have speakers on the door panels, but this place has a lot of vibrations, so it isn’t the best spot for a speaker. Dynamat can reduce those vibrations and make the sound quality better.

Another benefit is the road noise reduction. This material can lower it, and improve the sound quality.

This means that you will be able to drive your car faster and still enjoy the best sound. Without Dynamat, the sound will be corrupted when you drive faster.

  1. The power of the amplifier

Factory sound systems usually don’t have an amplifier or it is a cheap one. All of this means that the sound cannot be very strong and ‘’clean’’.

Adding an aftermarket amplifier will make the sound cleaner and more powerful, due to the fact it will send more power to the speakers.

Keep in mind that an amplifier should be paired with high-quality speakers. Factory speakers will be damaged, if you send a lot of power to them.

  1. Use an equalizer

All sound experts will tell you that a car interior is the worst nightmare for a great sound, due to the fact there are a lot of different materials, with different characteristics. Even worse, most materials are soft, so they will absorb the sound.

That’s why you are going to need an equalizer. This device is used to smooth the sound and make it better. With the help of it, you can improve the sound quality and reduce distortion.

  1. You need a great sub box

Despite the fact most people believe that a sub box isn’t important for the sound quality, it is! Keep in mind that it is more important than you can imagine, so a great sub box is a mandatory addition to the sound system of your car.

You have two choices, to make your own, or to buy a new sub box. Making your own gives you more freedom and a higher level of customization, but if you make a mistake, the sound quality will be compromised. On the other side, if you get a new one, you will get the best sound quality.

In any case, make sure there are no air leaks, due to the fact they can ruin the sound and make it worse.

  1. Use crossover properly

A high-pass filter is a useful addition that should be used for removing low bass from the sound.

As the end result, the sound will be powerful and cleaner. In addition, you should start lowering and raising the crossover point, until you get the best sound quality.

  1. Amp gains setting

Most people like turning the volume up and listening to the loud sound. However, this can cause severe issues and even damages. The solution is to increase the volume ¾ and then start the amp gain.

Increase it until the distortion starts. Then, reduce it and you are done. Keep in mind that un-proper adjusting can have a negative effect, even on the most sophisticated sound system.

  1. Tone controls

Never increase the tones to the maximum level, due to the fact you will hear a lot of distortion and the sound quality will be compromised. On the other side, changing and setting the EQ, while you driving is a severe mistake as well.

Keep in mind that this should be done while you are at home, so there are not a lot of factors that may affect the sound quality. You can use different curves and settings, until you get the best sound quality.

  1. Get a subwoofer

A subwoofer is something that you must have, if you want the best sound quality. Adding this device will have several advantages and benefits to the sound system. In general, it will make better basses and make the sound quality more professional.

Most people relate subwoofers with unwanted vibrations and similar issues, but this device is mandatory and trying to get the best sound quality, without it, isn’t possible. In addition, you can set up the subwoofer, so it satisfies the specific need.

  1. Get a capacitor

A capacitor is something that can help you get the same sound quality now and after many minutes. Without it, the sound system will get less energy, so the sound will be compromised.

In essence, this device captures the energy from the battery and send it to the speakers in equal levels. This is a professional addition that is more than needed.