(DIY) How to Install Car Amplifier With Pictures and Videos

(DIY) How to Install Car Amplifier With Diagrams; Adding an amplifier to your car sound system is a great choice, due to the fact you will get a better sound quality and you will be able to get a louder sound. On the other side, you can install it by yourself, because this is a simple procedure.

Keep in mind that you are going to need a few hours and you must stay calm, due to the fact even the smallest mistake can cause damage of some device or component.

In any case, you should follow these steps on how to install car amplifier. In addition, disconnect your car battery, before starting.

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How to Install Car Amplifier

(DIY) How to Install Car Amplifier With Diagrams

  1. Install the amplifier

The first and the most important step before installing car amplifier, is to mount the amplifier to the desired location. In most cases, the best place for this device is in the trunk, but you can mount it under the seats as well.

You will get all the components, needed to the amplifier to be installed. In addition, it must be installed properly, and it must stay in place, even during rough driving.

  1. Power and ground wires

This step sounds complicated, but it is incredibly simple. All you need to do is to connect power and ground wires to the amplifier. The power wire should go from the car battery to the positive terminal on your amplifier.

In most cases, this wire is red. The ground should go from the ground terminal, of the amplifier to the ground of a car. In most cases, this is located in the chassis of a car.

  1. Connect the amplifier

The next step is to connect the amplifier to the stereo. Connect the RCA cables and you are done. However, it is recommended to run them on the opposite side than the power cable, due to the fact power can cause noise and sound distortion.

The same procedure should be done with turn-on wire. In essence, this wire will turn on the amplifier when you turn on the stereo.

  1. Connect the speakers
How to install a car amplifier
image source: sonicElectronix

In most cases, you will have to connect speakers to the amplifier, but in some cases, you will have to connect the subwoofer. Keep in mind that the schematics depend on your speakers/subwoofer.

However, all of them have one thing in common. You will have to connect the terminals on your amplifier to the terminals on your speakers. In addition, this is a simple procedure and it takes just a few minutes.

  1. Testing

This is the last step. Basically, you will have to connect the car battery to a car and turn on the stereo.

Play music and see is everything working properly. If you can hear the sound, you did all steps properly.

If not, you will have to diagnose the problems. In most cases, a loose wire or wrong connecting is the issue.

This is an easy fix, but finding it can be tricky. After that, you can assemble the rest of the components and you are done. The sound will be much better.

How to install a car amplifier (Video Tutorial)

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