How to install coaxial car speakers (Do It Yourself Guide)

Installing Coaxial Speakers To Your Car

There are two types of car speakers. They are coaxial and component speakers. Coaxial are usually the better choice, simply because they offer great sound quality, but they are more affordable than component speakers.

How to install coaxial car speakers

That’s why they are a more common choice. In any case, you will have to install them. Due to the fact this is a simple procedure, you can do it by yourself. Keep in mind that the car battery should be disconnected, before you proceed.

How to install coaxial car speakers

How to install coaxial car speakers

  1. Remove the door panels

The first step of installing a brand new speaker is to remove your old ones. Remove the door panels in order to get access to them. Keep in mind that this step is different for each vehicle.

In most cases, you will need a screwdriver in order to undo the screws and them to remove the door panel. You can watch tutorials, for a specific car.

  1. Remove the old speakers

Now, when you can see the old speakers, remove them. In some cases, you will have to drill the rivets in order to remove them. In some other cases, simply undo the screws and disconnect the wires. Keep in mind that this is a simple step, and it can be done quickly.

  1. Install the new speaker

After you have removed the old speaker, measure the new one. It may fit perfectly, or you will need to use brackets (included in the package) to make it fit. If needed, you will have to drill holes in the doors to screw down the speaker.

Once again, this is a simple procedure, despite the fact it sounds complicated. Always measure twice and drill only once.

  1. Connect the speaker

After you have drilled holes, connect the speaker with the car installation. If they don’t fit, you will have to make new connectors. In any case, pay attention to the schematics of the speaker and connect it properly.

  1. Install tweeters

If your car already has tweeters, you will want to replace them. A great thing is the fact they already have space and housing, so replacing them is an easy task. Just remove the old units and install new ones.

Keep in mind that tweeters must be installed on a dry spot, due to the fact moisture and water can damage them.

If you don’t have factory tweeters, you can mount the new ones to the A pillar, or behind the door panel.

Component speakers are a bit more complicated. They have special tweeters and crossovers that should be installed as well. Keep in mind that the best place for them is behind the door panel or kick panel.

In any case, mounting a tweeter to the floor is recommended, due to the fact the wiring will be simpler. In addition, the tweeter should be installed on a place where there are no vibrations.

  1. Connect the speaker to the amplifier or a receiver

This is another simple procedure. Just follow the instructions got with a speaker and you will be done. After that, place back the door panels and you are done.

How To Install Coaxial Car Speakers (Video Tutorial)