Infinity Reference 612m 6.5 Inch 225-Watt High Performance Review

If you are looking for audio equipment and accessories from a reliable brand that is operating for many decades, you can always count on Infinity Systems and Infinity Reference 612m is worth looking into.

They exist for almost 50 years and starting from 1983 they became part of the world-renowned Harman International group. Some of the equipment they produce is part of Chrysler, Mitsubishi and Hyundai vehicles.

Infinity Reference 612m 6.5-Inch 225-Watt High-Performance 2-Way Marine Loudspeaker (Pair)

Home speakers, portables, spotlight, car audio and marine audio equipment are the main categories of products offered by this company.

Our main focus will be placed on Infinity Reference 612m 6.5-Inch 225-Watt High-Performance 2-Way Marine Loudspeaker which is one of the four speakers in Infinity’s offer.

In most of the marine speaker reviews found online, this model is highlighted as the most popular that comes from infinity. So, what exactly does this marine speaker has to offer?

Infinity Reference 612m Loudspeaker is specially created for installation in the cabin or cockpit of modern boats.

It has excellent ratings when it comes to low range frequencies and good ratings for midrange and high range frequencies.

As we have mentioned before, Infinity has few other speaker of this kind, but this model was introduced as a cost affordable solution for music lovers and boat owners that want to get well-known quality produced by Infinity.

Just like in the case of any other marine speaker or tech device in general, by analyzing the features people can find out how good the product is.

Features of Infinity Reference 612m

First and foremost, marine speakers are special waterproof speakers installed on boats. This is the reason why infinity was trying so hard to create speakers that will ensure maximum playability regardless of the weather conditions and they seem to be successful at least judging by the numerous marine speaker reviews out there.

The stainless steel hardware used in all elements, guarantees protection from water damage. This is high-quality, extremely durable hardware that is completely resistant to rust.

As we all know, the sensitivity of marine speakers or any kind of speakers determines the loudness of the speakers when specific amount of amplifier power is used.

The rating of these speakers is 92 dB. This sensitivity is above average and people who enjoy loud music and sounds will definitely respect this information.

Infinity Reference 612m 6.5-Inch 225-Watt High-Performance 2-Way Marine Loudspeaker is a standard two-way speaker. It is able to cover both the highs and lows of the standard spectrum without any problems.

The final result is a great sound free of any distortions which is very important in case you are often using your boat in places where the weather can get rough.

There are few other features that make this loudspeaker high-class. For instance, it is lightweight and has a size of 6.5 inches which is ideal for all boats.

The nominal impedance is 4 ohms and the peak of power handling is 225 W which is more than solid. What many people like about this speaker is the fact that the treble and mids are well harmonized even though in certain situations the bass might sound louder than them.

Pros of Infinity Reference 612m 6.5-Inch

– 95 out of 100 score in low-range frequencies

– Balanced treble and mids

– Strong sensitivity rating (92 dB) which means that the speakers are very efficient

– Above average constant power handling of 76 watts

– Highest rating when it comes to peak power handling (225 watts)

Cons of Infinity Reference 612m 6.5-Inch 225-Watt High-Performance 2-Way Marine Loudspeaker

– It doesn’t have ASTM UV, fog and salt resistance certification

– Below average low-range frequency performance

Infinity is a true giant in the speaker manufacturing industry and this is definitely one of the most successful models they have.

Infinity Reference 612m 6.5-Inch 225-Watt High-Performance 2-Way Marine Loudspeaker provides stunning sound clarity and complete fullness of sound.

This is also currently the loudest marine speaker and among the 5 best marine speakers on the market.

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