How to Install Kenwood Kdc-352U + Wiring Diagram

The installation of a Kenwood Kdc-35U can be tricky. In fact, so much so that the manufacturers recommend an experienced person install it for you.

Should you have the experience, we have a few tips for you that may make the installation easier to understand.

How to Install Kenwood Kdc-352U


  • The car should be turned off, the key removed from the ignition and the negative terminal of the battery disconnected.
  • Ensure the proper input and output wire connections.
  • Install the unit in the vehicle
  • Reconnect the negative terminal of the battery.
  • Reset the unit

Wiring of the speaker

Connect the wire bundle before installing the unit. Note the following rundown of the speaker wires and their connection points:

  • Front left speaker – The white wire is positive, the black is negative.
  • Front right speaker –The grey wire is positive, the black is negative.
  • Rear left speaker – The green wire is positive, the black is negative.
  • Rear right speaker – The purple wire is positive, the black is negative.

The steering remote control wires should be connected to the steering for remote operation.

The steering remote control adapter – Light blue wire is positive, yellow wire is negative.

You will encounter a number of other wires, and here is where they should be connected:

The blue wire is not used.

The blue positive wire and white negative wire connect to the power control terminal when using the optional power amplifier to the antenna terminal in the car.

The brown wires connect to a terminal that is grounded when the telephone rings.

There should be three wires left. The red wire is the ignition wire, the yellow wire the battery wire and the black wire is ground.

The red wire must be connected to the ignition power source in the fuse box, yellow to the battery power source in the fuse box and the black to the chassis of the car.


  • Pack the components out in order
  • Before attaching the unit, ensure that the direction of the escutcheon is correct, and connect the wiring harness which was worked on earlier.
  • Make the mounting sleeve stay in place by bending the appropriate tabs.

Other notices to keep in mind when installing the Kenwood Kdc-352U:

The Kenwood Kdc-352U should be installed only in a vehicle with a 12V DC power supply with a negative ground.

A short circuit may occur if the yellow battery wire and red ignition wire are connected to the car’s chassis. Always connect them to the power source running through the fuse box.

Do not install the device before you disconnect the negative battery wire.

All unconnected wire needs to be insulated with vinyl tape.

Do not remove any of the caps on the ends of the unconnected wires to prevent a short circuit.

Once the unit has been installed, do not forget to once again ground the unit to the car’s chassis.

Only use the screws supplied with the unit.

Make sure the faceplate of your unit does not hit the lid of the console when opening and closing.

Check all other functions like the brake lights, wipers, blinkers and other electrical functions once the unit is fully installed.

Unit should be mounted at a 30° angle or less.

The unit may fail to work sufficiently if the speaker wires are shared or connected incorrectly.

Never mix the rear and front connections.

Download the KDC-352U Manuals Here/