Sony XSMP1621 6 1/2-Inch Marine Speaker Review

Sony is a Japanese corporation and one of the most successful tech companies in the world. It was founded in 1946 and ever since then, this company has revolutionized technology many times.

Even though they have started with production of radios, the range of products in their offer gradually increased.

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Today, this company has dozens of electronic products sold around the globe. So, if you are purchasing a product from Sony, you can rest assured that you will get a very dependable product that will last for a long time.

Sony XSMP1621 6 1/2-Inch Marine Speaker

In the past two decades, Sony has invested a lot in marine tech products especially in marine speakers.

In case you own a yacht, boat or any other similar vehicle where you can use marine equipment, then you will definitely want to use high-quality marine speaker.

This is one of the many speakers produced by Sony, but it comes with features that cannot be found in other models.

Sony XSMP1621 6 1/2-Inch Marine Speakers might not be the best marine speakers found today, but they deserve your attention for more than one good reason.

These modern speakers have beautiful design and they were engineered to fit in most popular boats today without any hassles.

Just like all marine speakers they are waterproof and they don’t mind the ugly weather that sometimes occurs on open seas. Of course, Sony has included some of their innovative solutions in this model too.

Features of Sony XSMP1621 6 1/2-Inch Marine Speaker

In the beginning, let’s emphasize the fact that Sony XSMP1621 6 1/2-Inch Marine Speaker comes with standard dimensions.

The 6.5 inches size has become a standard when it comes to marine speakers, so Sony didn’t want to make any experiments.

In addition, they weight just 850 grams which means that they won’t put pressure on any element of your boat no matter where you place them.

Even though the rated power is 160 watts which is actually peak wattage. This is more or less the same as the wattage in other marine speakers, but the truth is that it is RMS power that matters more and we can freely say that these marine speakers are not very good when it comes to this specific power.

They have RMS power of 70 watts. However, this doesn’t mean that they are bad because they can still produce strong sound, but it all depends on the environment where you are planning to use the speakers. If the weather is harsh you may have difficulties to listen to loud sounds.

The Sony XS MP1621 Marine Speaker comes with a strong woofer cone made of durable materials.

This speaker can help you hear clear and loud vocals and provides rich bass. Sony also likes to point out that this model has IPx5 certification which means that they are ideal for marine use.

The materials used in this model are very durable and used with the marine environment in mind.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is the wide frequency range which covers between 45 and 20000 Hz.

Pros of Sony XS MP1621 6 1/2-Inch Marine Speaker

  1. – High-quality, long-lasting materials – polypropylene for the woofer diaphragm and ferrite for the woofer magnet. In addition, PEI for the tweeter diaphragm.
  2. – Relatively high rated power of 160 watts
  3. – Provides clear and strong vocals and solid bass
  4. – Above average sensitivity (91 dB)
  5. -High efficiency – low power consumption and excellent sound
  6. – Solid high-range and midrange frequency score
  7. – ASTM certification for UV, fog and salt protection
  8. – IPx5 certification

Cons of Sony XS MP1621 6 1/2-Inch Marine Speaker

  1. – Doesn’t have sealed crossover element for the tweeter

Boat owners looking for a solid marine speaker from a respected brand can opt for Sony XS MP1621 Marine Speaker.

Let’s be clear, this model might not have the best marine speaker reviews, but it delivers what it promises.

It has very good sensitivity, but less powerful power handling. In case you want to upgrade your pre-installed speakers without spending a fortune and still get speakers that provide solid performance then don’t hesitate to try Sony XS MP1621 Speakers. They are easy to install and have attractive design.

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